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    Sunday, I heard the most God-awful commotion outside the window, so I took a look.  Isabelle was climbing the tea rose bush.   A pair of Thrashers have nested in the top, where a dove usually nests.   One fledgling had jumped out of the nest,  and I think another was about to make the leap. 
    The parents were giving Izzy hell.   I reached in the rose and snatched her off the branch, and put her inside the house.   I was looking around, and spotted the fledge trying to look like a pile of leaves. 
    Kathy was washing a window nearby, so she brought the ladder and we put the chick back in the nest.   I went to get the camera, after the action was over.  I think the fledge I put back was pretty near able to fly;  hope so,  Isabelle can be very determined
    Mom and Pop  quieted down, but they still kept an eye on me.

















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