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This is my Neighbor Charlie.  He and his two sons grow corn, soybeans and cotton on 4000 acres of land south of Natchitoches. He claims to have given control to the boys, but he goes out most every day to "ask a few questions about the work."

The field was laid out using GPS, and so the driver follows the precise rows.  The harvest machine measured the yield of each section, so this year, when they are fertilizing, the on-board computer will only apply the amount needed.


The cab is air conditioned, has a radio, and is pretty comfortable.  It needs to be if you are going to be sitting in there from dawn to dusk in the Springtime.



Twelve rows at a time, cutting the furrows, dropping the seed, dispensing fertilizer . . .



then the little wheels close the furrow





A discussion on what to do; A cow has gotten into some fresh clover and gorged herself and has bloat. 


Charlie knows I like historical things, so takes me to the highest point on the Cane River, the site of Shallow Lake Plantation.   The only thing left are remnants of the cemetery, dating to the late 1700's


National Park Service is looking into the restoration of the site, but it is presently barely accessible, except by four wheel drive and a walk through the brambles.
















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