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Three Pictures

Leica M8 35mm Summicron asph


It all started when we went shopping in Metairie, and then as we headed home, found ourselves in a traffic tie-up on Veterans Blvd.  So we ducked down to West Esplanade to try to make our way to Lakeview.  Big mistake. 

The canal was near the top with water, and there were several inches of water in the streets.  No place to go except ahead, so we followed the traffic through  tire deep water until we got to a place that had a median ground.  We climbed the median and waited for the pumps to do their trick.   We were not too far from the 17th Street Canal pumps, so we felt like the water might go down fairly quickly, but we had no way of knowing that five inches of rain had fallen in an hour's time.  





The ground was saturated, and many of the vehicles on the median bogged down in the mushy grass.  This guy with his Hummer was making friends pulling people out of the mud after the water went down.


Along the Riverfront there was very little signs of the monsoon, the rains made for some nice reflections


























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