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I really don't think there's anyplace else on the Earth where people  will stand in the worst weather to catch trinkets, and cabbages, (yes, more about that later.)  Parades will roll for any reason, but there's no time like Lent to have an excuse to party.   In New Orleans over the weekend, there were two major St. Patty parades, one in Old Metairie, and this one uptown in the Irish Channel.


I agree this is not a great shot, but it includes the three of the major elements of a St. Pat's Parade; Cabbages tossed to the crowd, cheap beads, and beer.


Bubbles are not normally an element, but what can I say?


The parade marchers carry beads and flowers among other goodies, hoping to solicit a kiss in exchange

Of course, one needs libation to keep the stamina of all that walking and kissing




Music, if you think of bagpipes as music.  I do.


Hello Uncle Ted!


We're all Irish on St. Pattys!




Cabbage and Irish Spring are among the throws.

Colleens still look cute after a drenching

Not just a parade, but a supply of student food.  They also throw potatoes, carrots and cucumbers from the floats


Show us your cabbages!














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