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My mother was a quilter, her mother and  her grandmother were as well.

Quilts are not just  folksy ways to keep warm on a winter's night, they are handcrafted in patterns from scraps of  cloth.  In the case of  my family,  many of the scraps came from the leftovers from hand-made garments for the family.  In one of my Mom's quilts there's a patch that came from some of my pajamas  made when I was five.

That background made me want to go see a production of "The Quilters" at the NSU  Summer Theatre.   These are usually well worth the time and the modest admission, and this was more than that.  I snapped a few pictures of the show.  It depicts through song, dance and not a few moving dramatic scenes, childbirth, prairie fires,  marriage, and most all  glimpses of  the lives of the women who shaped a great portion of our country.

Child's Quilt from Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana

Melrose Collection, Cammie G. Henry Research Center NSULA