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The Douglas A 26 Invader began U.S. service in 1942, and  was retired from the military in 1972;

it has been used as an attack bomber, a fire fighting aircraft and many other purposes. (15mm Voigtländer)




My Father-in-law was invited for a tour of the A-26 cockpit.  Jim was a Navy man, a crewman on a PV-2,
Sub Chaser; first in Alaska, then in the South Pacific. (That's his daughter Kathy, my bride in the back seat there.)  
(75 mm Summarit)



This is a real nice Boeing Stearman.  Nearly ten thousand of these were built as trainers

for the Army Air Force and Navy and for the Royal Canadian Air Force for World War Two.

This one is painted in Army Air Force Colors. Navy would be all yellow.  (15mm Voigtländer)





(15mm Voigtländer)



Another Stearman, this one electric powered.  (15mm Voigtländer)























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