Salon Results Subject:  Spring





noll luma

Visually rich, newly landscaped, with a prickly egg-like sculpture; while the guy doesn't have a pleasant look on his face, he's all dressed up with a bit of spring in his step.  Lots of  lines here, and the curved sidewalk breaks the angularity of the whole shot.  A busy "noll" shot that appeals to me. Contender

Janice Mackay


Intriguing, only the one subject appears to find the action humorous, the others slack-jawed as if trying to learn the spring step, (looks like hacky sack?)  One of those shots that lets me know that guys that age dress pretty much the same the world over.

Salon: Make Me Laugh

Alex S


Hmm, not sure if this is amour or consolation.  One of those street shots that look quite foreign to me, since I don't  spend much time in an urban environment.  The spot seems too sterile and almost industrial for a couple to be hanging out there.  Catches my eye.

Eric M

Nice unbalanced composition with lots of texture.  Seems a shame to mark it off for the downhill slant, but that is the one negative thing that catches my eye as it tries to be formal but just misses.  Cute kid!


Michal Daniel


Whoa! Next time send me a dramatic picture! All the more as you cannot see the target landing area. Wisps of clouds almost look a pathway for him.


Dirk Rösler


Express Delivery! The bottom guy is flat enough to be packaged. Striking image, a little understated, made me look carefully to see all that was happening, and I'm not sure I found it all.





Kurt Easterwood

Aha! An interpretation with flowers, not to mention a pretty youngster.  She looks suspicious!  Lots of nice color in this urban scene.   Cropping a bit off the right to lose the garage door and the intruding barricade corner i.m.o. would strengthen the composition.  

Springing on Spring in Spring

Clive Moss

When I saw this pop up as a PAW today, I was delighted by it. Such surprises in the elements! Rich hues; everything draws your eye to the girls, and that vision of levi levity makes me grin.




John Brownlow

Ciggie pack among the flower petals, obscure for sure, street for sure. This is the sort of shot I puzzle over.  Traces people leave on their environment, kind of like Bee-ing there.



Chris Marolf


Like a giant Easter egg, this eye-catching shot pours onto the screen with vibrancy.  While it is well seen, I'm thinking it is just that.  If you had taken ownership of the painting with your photograph, I would like it more than just being attracted to it.

Russell O'Mara

A clever, cool capture. I'd be happier with it if tilted down a bit so we could actually see the deposit door.  It would work without the birds being so big in the shot, I think. A little more context wouldn't lose the gag.

Henry H.

Given the proximity, you'd expect him to engage the camera, but he has not, and it doesn't have the aura of a posed shot. The colors, the subject "in your face" and overall busy-ness lends to excitement.  The only distraction for me is the guy in the red sweatshirt; he begs to be lost.  Wait, I think it's Johnny Damon! If so, he can stay!  Contender



Joe Gorgone

On first glance, a picture that is on subject, then it seems to lose unity.  I am not too sure if that is good or not, like maybe the real shot was thirty seconds before this.  Too many backs for me, and the one girl looking my way is looking right at me.  I think you found some nice light here.


T. Finnegan


A child fleeing the closed church with Mom looking on in consternation?  Looks like we've snapped a moment too late to get the leap here.  Nice textures, but the composition runs downhill, and do you really need the woman?  You would add loads more mystery with her out of the picture.

Brock N. Meeks


Oh! A greeting card for Spring.  I was hoping for a good cliche' shot, and I figured I could count on you!  It is perfect! Focus, darks and lights.  I want a poster of this one!  Yeah, I know it aint street, but since I'm the adjudicator, I get to like it anyhow. On my short list.


Markus Hartel

I was truly shocked when I saw this picture, but the nice composition helped me absorb the message. What a true view of the theme!  Not often you see such a litter-al reference to the theme. Is your car back together yet?


'Mein Vater war ein Wandersman," comes to mind here.  This was on my short list but there is a rich field. Great shot, extra points for stepping up and getting him to pose. This cannot be an ethnic costume, more a one-off.  Someone mentioned they would like to be able to study the get-up. I second that. I think it weird he's traveling with a modern duffle bag. Reminds me of Battison's 36 Total Strangers Series.  

Larry Gustafson

You have no idea how much this says Spring to me.  Unusual and very good interpretation of the theme.


 I like the colors of this shot, definitely a streetshot and the composition is really nice with great balance, I'll even let the tilt go since it might be the stairs, but I REALLY find little hint of Spring here. A puzzle to me.

Jeffery Smith

Ah, Mallard dux. I like this shot, except it needs to be eye level with the children.  (Just kidding)   Amazing how the one made it to the top, or is he scared to get down with the others?  Possible captions?  "jump!" or "a one anda two anda, quack, quack quack."  This is not a contender, but am so fond of it, I linger.  That's what you get for having an adjudicator who lives in the country.

Jason Lees

At first, I think, "ficus benjamani" and I look more carefully, thinking "hmm, funny shoots, even in the Springtime."  Then I realize this is one of those clever adaptations of  plastic and such that pretends to be real, and it is a fake plant pretending to be real in my Salon!  Good try. Thanks for the close-up, you almost had me fooled.  If the field was slimmer, I might give you contender status for the effort. 


A straightforward and technically good look at the theme.  Lovely shot, might like to see it in color, because I am crazy for tulips as they are so rare here where it never freezes.  


Welcome Ariel, and thanks for this lovely liquid Spring picture. Right on theme.  I do like the arrangement, though the woman subject is a tiny bit soft, and since that is the gimmick here, she would have to be crisp. Overall, I like it

Hugh Thompson

Spring.  I asked,  you gave me spring. Nicely shot, this picture has much potential, and I think you need to go back and fulfill the possibilities.

Ralph Ballerstadt                                                        

Along comes Ralph! A hero when it comes to finding a shot where others don't lift the camera.  Skinny little kids running ahead of the family. I don't think they are showing off for you, just having a good time. I love the look on boy #2, he's a picture unto himself. The random yet structured composition is real nice.  It was on my short list.



Almost a photogram, such lovely painting with light. Surely hits the theme, also on my short list.


A living tulip, nicely composed, they are indeed like flower petals.  (do I sound like Luis? I hope so) The shot has a definite Spring flavor, and if the field were not so rich, this might contend.

Quiet Light Photo

The little girl is cute, and the action is well-captured and directly on theme.  This should push more buttons for me, but an overall softness and lack of vibrancy that I expect from tulips and blue dresses nags me.

Kevin Bjorke

The most dynamic composition in the whole salon.  I do like it and am happy for it to be the punctuation mark. Nicely seen.

    Henry, Clive, Michal, and Noll did the most to flutter my heart on this theme.  As you can see, I  have either eclectic taste or under-developed adjudicating skills.  As I noted above, there were others I liked, but these kept me coming back for a look, and made me argue with myself.  Noll's intricate composition, Michal's dramatic spring through the sky, Clive's delightful dance of Spring, all wonderful in different ways, but I keep coming back to Henry's, and even though I'm not a baseball fan, this one is my favorite.  Congratulations Henry, and thanks to everyone for a fine, diverse set of shots.



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