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This is a view of my neighbor Adrene's yard.  You've enjoyed many flowers from here.  It is the first thing I see when I leave the house each morning.









My azaleas are popping like mad, I usually have a hard time getting the color right on this bush, but not this time.








We have seven azalea varieties in our yard.  I think this is my favorite, but that changes.








Cow slobber, yep, that's the name.  Also known as Spiderwort.  It gets the name from a gelatinous fluid in the stalk.



Here's another color of Spiderwort.  I have three types in my yard.  They'll give me thousands of blooms before they quit, and I finally mow that area in about two months.



Soon after we moved into our house in 1991, we planted three dogwoods.  Drought killed two of them, but this one stayed.  Then we got a Labrador Puppy, who took the "dog" in dogwood seriously.  She chewed it almost to the ground, but it survived.  Then, just as it was recovering,  we lost a big limb off our oak tree. It fell onto the house and smashed the little tree.  This year, the tough little guy finally bloomed.  Kathy is happy; she always wanted her own dogwood.



Dogwoods from Adrene's tree.  I can't get enough of them.










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