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I've followed the photographers who maintain P.A.W. projects, and watched the constant improvement of their work. It inspires me, and that they sometimes apologize for magnificent work humbles me. It takes lots of courage to put their work before an international audience of other Leica photographers, not to mention self-discipline to maintain those pages, and I admire everyone who posts.  I find myself challenged by their postings, and meekly started posting pictures myself. The years of experience and the wonderful Leica equipment I own was being wasted, I realized, by the sporadic output I produced. When Kyle Cassidy asked the rhetorical question, "Do I deserve this camera?," I had to wonder if he was speaking thoughts that were in my head. So I joined the  Picture-A-Week Project  to find out for myself if I deserve this camera.


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 Other years:  2008  2007   2006   2005    2004    2003    2002

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